Preventive Dentistry Richmond

Your Smile’s Safeguard

Instead of just fixing dental problems as they pop up, we prefer to take a more proactive approach. By focusing on prevention, we can help you maintain a healthier, more attractive smile over the years while also keeping your dental care costs as low as possible—a true win-win!

Dental Checkups & Cleanings

In addition to brushing and flossing at home, getting a professional checkup and cleaning at least twice a year should be the bedrock of everyone’s oral hygiene regimen. This allows our team to find potential problems before they cause any real pain or damage, and then we can remove stubborn plaque and tartar to stop cavities and gum disease from forming in the first place.

Oral Cancer Treatment

We’re looking for more than cavities during your exams! Discolored oral tissue, growths, sores, and other symptoms may be early signs of a deadly disease known as oral cancer. Thankfully, when detected early, it is easily treatable. Coming to see us on a routine basis will ensure you’re always ahead of oral cancer and won’t be caught off guard.