Dental Technology Pecan Grove

Truly Modern Dentistry

Hallway and dental treatment room in Pecan Grove dental office

As they always say, health always comes first. In today’s busy world, it’s easy to forget that. At Highline Dental, we’re here to make sure your smile is at its best, and we do that with some of the best technology in Pecan Grove that the dental industry has to offer.

Intra-Oral Scanner

Dentist taking intraoral scans of a patients teeth

Remember going to the dentist and having a mouthful of goop to make impressions? Well, with an intra-oral scanner... no more goop! Scanners take "impressions" of your teeth that are more accurate in a fraction of the time. Although some things still require physical impressions, our intra-oral scanner has replaced them for the vast majority of procedures in our office.

3D Printed Nightguards

Woman placing a blue nightguard over her teeth

Our nightguards are fabricated in-house, which ensures an accurate fit. Our patients absolutely love our 3D-printed nightguards more than the lab-developed ones in the past. Each nightguard is custom fit to your teeth and bite.

3D Dental X-Rays

Dentist gesturing to computer screen showing x rays of teeth

Our 3D CBCT machine provides an extra dimension to our clinical diagnosis... literally. CT scans allow us to see more than ever before in ways that 2D images can't provide and make sure no issue is missed. They're also instrumental in the planning and treatment of dental implants.