Cosmetic Dentist Pecan Grove

Your Smile Your Way

Woman smiling in dental chair after cosmetic dentistry in Pecan Grove

Do you think twice before you smile because of obvious tooth chips, stains, or crookedness? You’re far from alone, which is why Highline Dental is happy to provide cosmetic dentistry services in Pecan Grove that can make these and any other dental flaw disappear behind pristine white teeth you’ll always be eager to show off.

Metal-Free Dental Restorations

Close up of bonding agent being placed on a veneer

While silver and gold crowns were common in the past, today, we can provide all-porcelain dental restorations that are as natural-looking as they are durable. These can accomplish several things at once: repair damaged teeth, improve a tooth’s aesthetics, cover a stain that doesn’t respond to teeth whitening, and much, much more.

Direct Bonding

Cosmetic dentist holding a shade guide to a smiling patient

If you have just one problem tooth that always catches your eye when you look in the mirror, then direct bonding offers the most…direct way to take care of it. Color-matched composite resin is applied to the enamel, allowing your dentist to sculpt it to perfection while hiding the issue.