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The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

At Highline Dental

teeth whitening
  • Brighten your smile by several shades in just one appointment
  • In-office whitening treatments can take as little as an hour
  • Take-home options include customized trays for more effective results

Asked Questions

Many people wonder what makes professional grade whitening so much better than over-the-counter options. Though over-the-counter products are an effective treatment, in-office whitening kits can provide faster and more noticeable results. In-office kits use a more powerful concentration to help bring out your best smile, but require professional training to be used both safely and correctly. Store-bought systems may not be used properly and will leave patients with less than ideal results.

At Highline Dental, we clean your teeth to make sure the whitening has the best effect and take special precautions to prevent damage to your gums during the bleaching process. We’ll make sure you’re happy with the results. We also offer home trays, and create custom trays that are more effective than over the counter products. Call Highline Dental to learn more about the beautiful results of our whitening products and schedule an appointment today.

Although there are several brands on the market today, most teeth whitening products work the same way. A whitening agent, usually in the form of a gel is placed on the teeth. The oxygen molecules in the agent break apart and react with stains on the teeth to bleach the underlying dentin. Although teeth whitening treatments are extremely effective for patients who have yellowed or discolored teeth due to smoking, aging, or drinking dark colored beverages, they don’t work for all types of stains. Tetracycline stains, for instance, are caused by antibiotics and may require veneers to restore your smile.

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