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Though it can seem daunting, root canal therapy is actually a relatively simple treatment. In fact, this common procedure often saves you from needing a full tooth extraction. Our team can provide you with the pain relief you’re searching for and get you back to your daily tasks the very next day. Don’t wait around in severe pain. Schedule your visit with Highline Dental today!

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a Root Canal

While every patient is different, there are a few commons signs of a severe tooth infection that may warrant a root canal. If you’re experiencing any of the following, we encourage you to contact Dr. Albert or the Highline Dental team immediately.

Abscess on gums
Consistent toothache
Inflammed or swollen gums
Pain with pressure
Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
Tooth discoloration


Root Canal Treatment

During your root canal treatment, the infected or inflamed pulp of your tooth is removed and the interior of the tooth is cleaned. Your tooth is then sealed with a material called gutta-percha, which prevents contamination of the newly cleaned area. If the structure of your tooth has been compromised, a crown may be placed over it to seal it off from bacteria and protect it from further damage. After your procedure, you’ll be back to smiling, biting, and chewing painlessly.

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