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Advantages of General Dentistry

At Highline Dental

General Dentistry
  • We are a metal-free practice, which means we do not use amalgam fillings or other metal dental work
  • Our compassionate, honest team will only suggest treatment that is necessary for your oral health
  • Dr. Albert performs some of the most gentle extractions to get you out of pain without causing additional discomfort

As part of our commitment to quality, compassionate care, Highline Dental is a metal-free practice. We want to create confident, strong smiles for our patients, so we use composite – or tooth colored – resin instead of metal amalgam fillings that can turn teeth grey. Composite fillings are durable and natural looking, and we are proud to offer these modern solutions to repair patients’ teeth.

Painful chewing or a lingering sensitive to hot and cold temperatures can be signs of a damaged or infected tooth. Dr. Albert may suggest a root canal to clean and disinfect the damaged area and bring your tooth back to health. If you’re in pain, the Highline Dental team will get you smiling again.

Dr. Albert may suggest an extraction if your tooth has been broken or badly damaged by decay, or when it is necessary to remove a wisdom tooth. Extractions are fairly common dental procedures and they are virtually painless with localized anesthesia. If you have a broken or damaged tooth, give us a call today to see if an extraction is right for you.

We LOVE New Patients

Looking for a new dental home? We’d love for that to be us! Our friendly, energetic team enjoys seeing new faces around our office. To show our appreciation, we have a great new patient offer for you to take advantage of. Just screenshot the coupon and show our front desk team when you check in for your first appointment.

We can’t wait to meet you!

General Dentistry