COVID-19 prepared dental office

A message to all current and prospective patients

Updated August 31st, 2020

Hello from Highline Dental,

      Our office has been open since May 11th for all dental treatment, and we have continued to serve the public safely since that time. The Texas dental board and CDC have gradually lifted restrictions on dental procedures, as continued monitoring of dental offices across the United States revealed that current OSHA and CDC guidelines have prevented the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Despite this, the Highline Dental team will continue to provide the best quality care in the safest possible environment for its patients. We understand everyone’s concerns during this pandemic, and want to assure you that you can feel safe receiving the proper dental care in our office.      

Please stay safe, everyone. Thank you.

– Albert Kim, DDS

New Protocols and Guidelines

Here are a list of changes our office will implement after May 8th to prepare against COVID-19:

      • Limiting personal contact during appointments
      • Limiting number of people in waiting room
      • Wiping down of all surfaces, both in the clinic and waiting area, between patients 
      • New COVID-19 screening forms
      • Sneeze guard for the check-in counter
      • Beverage bar and other possible sources of contamination have been removed temporarily until adequate safety measures can be implemented  
  • Use of N95 or N95 equivalent masks 
  • Disposable medical gowns 
  • Face shields to protect against bodily fluids 
  • HEPA-13 medical grade filters in all treatment rooms and waiting area
  • High risk and elderly patients will be given first appointment of the day to protect them from infection. 
  • Taking temperature of patients at the door with no-touch thermometers

For the time being, patients are asked to wait in their cars until they are escorted in for their appointments. We are working hard to do our part during these tough times by becoming a COVID-19 prepared dental office. Our new protocols may change as new guidelines are issued by the CDC and Texas Dental Board. By screening patients and providing adequate personal protective equipment to our staff, we are striving to provide the safest environment for our patients to receive quality dental care. For any questions regarding our COVID-19 measures, please call or email us at