Occlusal Nightguards

Stress and trouble sleeping have become all too familiar issues in every day modern life. Unfortunately, both can contribute heavily to teeth grinding and clenching, or “bruxism,” which have a significant negative impact on the health of your teeth. 

Although bruxism is affected by multiple factors, two of the major causes are stress and sleep apnea. Over time, chronic bruxism can lead to severe occlusal wear, pitting on the biting surface of your teeth, hot and cold sensitivity, and chipping of your teeth’s enamel. The sensitivity resulting from grinding can become a constant, daily discomfort. Thankfully, with early intervention, many of the issues caused by bruxism can be stopped from progressing or avoided altogether. 

Lasting Protection & A Perfect Fit

A nightguard is an easy, effective option in dealing with bruxism. After taking a quick and simple mold of your teeth in our office, you’ll be provided with a professional, custom-fitted guard to help protect your teeth!

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