Highline Dental Occlusal Guard
Instructions and Warranty

Congratulations on your new occlusal guard! We sincerely hope it helps you get a better night’s sleep. As you already know, teeth clenching and grinding – also known as bruxism – is a destructive night time habit that can cause long lasting damage to your teeth. There are a few reasons why a person may clench or grind their teeth at night, but the two main culprits are stress and/or sleep apnea. If you suspect you may suffer from sleep apnea, we strongly recommend taking part in a sleep study to get properly diagnosed!

Anyways, read on to find out more about how to take care of your nightguard and the warranty it comes with!

Instructions Regarding Your Nightguard

  • Rinse your guard with warm water immediately after use. This will help remove debris attached to your occlusal guard. 
  • Make sure to use a toothbrush and scrub your nightguard each day after use with soap and water. Do NOT use toothpaste, as it is a mild abrasive that can damage your nightguard over time. 
  • Over time, your occlusal guard can develop buildup from the precipitates in your saliva and oral debris. Once a month, you should use a denture cleaner to help remove this buildup. 
  • Your occlusal guard is thermoplastic. This means it is moldable after exposure to heat. If you have some fitment issues with your guard, you can place it in water that is almost boiling 60 seconds, take it out, and remold it to your teeth. Once it cools down, the guard will become stiff again. 
  • If you’ve adjusted your occlusal guard and it’s still causing pain/discomfort or jaw pain during use, please stop using it immediately and schedule an appointment for an adjustment

Highline Dental Warranty

  • The following warranty only applies to 3D printed nightguards fabricated in-house at Highline Dental. Please contact our office with questions regarding your nightguard if it was fabricated by a lab. 
  • Your occlusal guard has a ONE year warranty against any damage occurred during normal use
  • You are allowed up to TWO occlusal guard redesigns, in case the original nightguard’s comfort and/or fit is not to your liking. 
  • Any new scan needed, due to teeth shifting caused by infrequent use of the occlusal guard, voids the warranty 
  • Any new nightguard purchased to replace the original nightguard, up to two years after a valid one year warranty, can be bought at 50% off by patients without valid insurance coverage or cash patients. 

We hope you enjoy using your new occlusal guard. If your question wasn’t answered above, please feel free to contact our office and we would be happy to answer any of your concerns!