Dental Emergency

Dental Emergency If Teeth Got Broken
What is considered a dental emergency?
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What is considered a dental emergency?

If you’re experiencing pain, which includes bleeding or need treatment in order to save a tooth, these can be considered a dental emergency. In this case, please call us at Highline Dental (832- 220-9324) right away. And if you have severe swollen gums or jaw pain this can be a sign of infection, and is usually accompanied by a bad taste in your mouth, high temperatures, or fever. It may also be difficult to swallow food, drink fluids or even breathe. Please call our Highline Dental office if you suffer from any of the below symptoms so we may assist you.


What are the Signs of dental emergency situations?

  • Loose teeth & excessively bleeding gums
  • Prolonged severe toothache
  • Long headaches and excessive fatigue
  • Swelling in the jaw caused by abscess infection


After Hours Emergency Dentist – How Highline Dentistry Can Help

While most dental offices, including Highline Dental, are not open 24 hours, we do our best to assist you with dental emergencies. Don’t suffer in pain when you have injury causing excessive bleeding or accidents with loose or fractured tooth. Simply come see us for same day appointments or do a search for “dental emergency near me” if looking for an after hours, emergency dentist.


Can I go to Hospital Emergency Room or Urgent Care Centers for dental emergencies?

Hospital rooms generally do not have the proper facilities or training to deal with standard dental care. Emergency departments or urgent care centers may or may not have dentists on 24 hour call. However, staff at these centers are trained to stabilize the patient who may be suffering from fractured, broken or dislodged teeth and severe pain. Do a search for dental emergency near me and call to confirm your condition and what care they are able to provide you.

Dental Emergency If Teeth Got Broken
Can Healthy Teeth Still Chip & Break?
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Chipping a tooth can be distressing. Whether it happens while you’re chewing your favorite food or during a karate class, anyone can chip a tooth. But there are certain factors that make some more prone to Teeth Break.

Why Teeth Break & Chip

Teeth are built to last a lifetime and are durable and strong. But even the most well cared for teeth can chip if they are injured. Biting down on hard foods, receiving a hit to the face, or grinding teeth at night can all lead to chipped teeth. It’s true that those who have good dental hygiene are less prone to chipping teeth. This is because dental habits like brushing daily, using fluoride toothpaste, flossing and avoiding gum disease, can all strengthen teeth and help keep them healthy. Those who have weaker teeth, due to gum disease, enamel erosion, or constant grinding are more in danger of breaking teeth.

How You Can Prevent a Chipped Tooth

Dental hygiene is imperative for keeping teeth strong. To help reduce your risks of chipping teeth, brush every day twice for two minutes each time using a toothpaste with fluoride. Fluoride helps teeth remineralize and stay strong. If you grind your teeth at night, consider using a mouth guard to protect wearing away and further damage. If you play any contact sports where you might get hit in the mouth, be sure to wear a protective mouthguard each time. Finally, use caution when eating hard foods like ice, hard candy, or popcorn kernels. These foods are notorious for breaking teeth. Never use your teeth to break, cut, or open anything.

What to Do If You Break a Tooth

If you break a tooth and it’s painful, call us right away. We will schedule an appointment to repair the tooth as soon as possible. If you’ve chipped a tooth but there is no pain, it’s less urgent, though we will want to see you to fix it and prevent further chipping and tooth loss.

Contact us today if you have a chipped tooth or questions about how to keep teeth strong. We are here to help!


Dental Emergency
How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies.
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When a dental emergency occurs, your first instinct may be to panic. However, with a little planning and information, you can turn panic into action that eases your pain and restores your oral health. Today, our team at Highline Dental wants to share some tips for managing common dental emergencies so you can protect your friends and loved ones.


Toothaches can range from uncomfortable to unbearable. When you first notice your tooth pain, try rinsing your mouth with warm water. Then, check to see if there might be a piece of food or other debris trapped between your teeth and gums that is causing your discomfort. If you find something, you can try gently removing it with a piece of floss. While you might be able to cure a minor toothache at home, more severe toothaches can be a sign of infection or other serious issues and require medical attention. If you are experiencing a painful toothache, call our office and we will walk you through the appropriate next steps.

Protect Cracked or Chipped Teeth

If you crack or chip a tooth, your first priority is to prevent further damage and infection. Gently rinse your mouth with warm water and call our office immediately. In most cases, we can accommodate same-day emergency appointments. Our team will determine the best course of treatment to ease your pain and restore the function of your tooth.

Save a Lost Tooth

No matter what causes a tooth to get knocked out, it is important to know how to react. You can, try to gently place the tooth back in its socket without touching the root. If this is impossible, you can put the tooth between your cheek and gum or in a glass of milk to keep the tooth from drying out while you seek medical attention. If you follow these steps, you improve your chances of saving your tooth.

While we certainly hope that you and your family do not experience any dental emergencies during this holiday season, we hope this information helps you in the event the unthinkable happens. To ask our team anything related to an emergency in dentistry of spring Texas you can ask any questions or to schedule your next visit to our office, at Highline Dental TX !